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How to find the orientation (N,NE,S,WE..) of adjacent Polygons

Question asked by DanielaPalacios on Oct 12, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2014 by JB1234510

Hello Everyone,


I have been strugguling with an issue.  I need to create a table that stores the length and orientation (n,s,e,w,nw,ne,sw,se) of the boundaries that are shared between adjacent polygons. I have been able to determine which polygons are neighbours using the polygon_neighbour tool  which also tells me how long is the boundary that they share and it is awesome.


However, I havent been able to determine the orientation of this boundary. Lets say for example that I know that Polygon A, shares a boundary with polygons B,C,D and E, and I also know their respective length, how ever I dont know the orientation of this polygons (B,C,D,E) to A.

I have used a tool call Calculate Adjacent Fields, and it is also very good, but if two polygons, lets say B,C are north to polygon A, this tool will only choose the biggest, or major one, and I need to know the orientation of both polygons as both of them share boundaries with polygon A.


Please, I would really appreciate your help on any ideas to solve this. I was thinking maybe by knowing the orientation (angle) between the centroid of one polygon to the centroid of another, but havent got a clue how to go around this idea, becuase I dont want to do it polygon by polygon as they are like 1500 polygons.


Thanks a lot