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Cached map service no status or levels show but it works? How to restore the status window?

Question asked by rgrichards on Oct 10, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2014 by rgrichards

Our cached base map has been through several software releases. Thinking back it has been through all of them starting at 10.1, 10.1 SP and beyond. We are now at 10.2.2 and for some reason the cache status no longer appears and not even the levels are not even listed. Anyone know how to restore this functionality? We really do not want to rebuild the cache and know that will be the first instruction from ESRI support.


It seems the metadata is corrupt or something but it still works producting images and can be updated using Manage Cache Tiles.


We have deleted the Status.gdb and rebuilt cache status, rebooted server with no avail. Below is what we see... nothing! Any other ideas?