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Problem with related tables in AGOL

Question asked by brian.haren on Oct 10, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2014 by AJAMESBAKER_WPB

We have a dynamic map service that has a realtionship class (one-to-many) showing the number of restaurants using individual grease interceptors in a very dense commercial area.  The grease interceptor locations and capacity are held in the geodatabase feature class, and the restaurant names, contact information, etc. is held in the related table.  We have as many as four restaurants feeding into a single grease interceptor.


If I add the map service to a web map (Simple Map Viewer) I am able to click the 'Show related table data' link in the pop-up and the related data appears in the table view area as expected.  However, as soon as I add another map service to the map and again click the 'Show related table data' link it seems as though the link goes to the attribute table for the first data element in the newly added map service and tries to display that table.  For example, if I add a new dynamic map service showing stormwater data, and click the grease interceptor related table link the map will try to display the attribute table for stormwater structures.


All map services are dynamic map services and are referenced through Web Adaptor.


The problem shows up in both Chrome and IE 11.


Any thoughts as to what may be going on here are greatly appreciated!