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Geometric Network for Electric Utilities

Question asked by gizagui on Oct 10, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2015 by adelasota

Hi all,


I am no expert in the use of geometric networks and I need help with the following problem.

I have defined a geometric network for electricity distribution network in medium and low voltage, with an own (basic) data model. The main feature classes included in the geometric network are Distribution Centers (point), Medium Voltage Feeders (line), Substations (point), Low Voltage Cables (line), Meters (point).

Each distribution center have several outputs with medium voltage feeders. Each substation has multiple outputs with low voltage cables, each with its own identifier.


I have to simulate outages in some parts of the network, identifying all affected users (meters). This part is simple with "Utility Network Analyst" tools, with which I can select affected items in each feature class.

Then, here comes the problem, I must export to a table the “connection diagram” of each meter, i.e. one record per meter affected by the outage with the following attributes: ID meter, ID low voltage cable, ID substation , medium voltage feeder ID, ID distribution center. Each attribute comes from a different feature class and I must build a table with corresponding values that indicate how each meter connects trough the network to each distribution center.


I don´t know if the standard tools of "Utility Network Analyst" can do this.

Maybe there is a tool that can help me to solve the problem.

Or I may need to develop some python script for this?


Please, any help is welcome.

Thank you very much in advance.