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Zoom to records latitude and longitude in enhanced datagrid

Question asked by deleted-user-Pi5x1UjkS2PY on Oct 10, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2014 by kenbuja

I've looked at all of the examples and I've tried two different ways to zoom to a record in a data grid but I am failing.



*Choice one is to do it as a zoom button in the table but I can not seem to get find the row index!  See bolded lines below.  .


<table  data-dojo-type="dojox.grid.EnhancedGrid" style="height:50px;" jsid="gridStores" id="gridStores" selectionMode="single" data-dojo-props="plugins:{exporter:true, printer:true}">


          <th field="FID" formatter="makeZoomButton" width="30px">

         <img alt="+" src="assets/images/GenericSearch32.png" height="20" width="20"/>


           <th field="WebLon_X" width="100px">WebLon_X</th>

          <th field="WebLat_Y" width="150px">WebLat_Y</th>





     function makeZoomButton(id){
        var zBtn = "<div data-dojo-type='dijit.form.Button'><img src='assets/images/GenericSearch32.png'";
        zBtn = zBtn + " width='18' height='18'";
        zBtn = zBtn + " onClick=\"zoomRow('"+id+"')\"></div>";
        return zBtn;


      function zoomRow(evt){

  // var lon= gridStores.getItem(evt.rowIndex).WebLon_X;

  // var lat= gridStores.getItem(evt.rowIndex).WebLat_Y;


var lon =, "WebLon_X");  

var lat=, "WebLat_Y");  


//--This works if I know row number/index !!!!!

//var lon =, "WebLon_X");  

//var lat=, "WebLat_Y");  

   alert("Current Row Index = " + currentRowIndex);

   var lon =, "WebLon_X");

map.centerAndZoom(new esri.geometry.Point( lon, lat, map.spatialReference),12);




*Choice two was to try and to this on a double click but not sure how well that will work with tablet devices.  I can get cell value but when I use it my zoom does not work ;-(  I am guess formatting because if I hard code it everything seems to work fine.


function onRowDblClickHandler(evt){
if (confirm('Do you wish to zoom to this record?')) {

var items = gridStores.selection.getSelected();
if (items.length) {
    dojo.forEach(items, function(selectedItem) {
        lon =, "WebLon_X");
        lat =, "WebLat_Y");
        //var lon = -12838746.49378;
        //var lat = 4321278.26719; 
  alert("lon = " + lon + "   lat = " + lat);
  map.centerAndZoom(new esri.geometry.Point("" +lon+ "", "" + lat + "", map.spatialReference),12);

// --- end