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ArcGIS Pro : Licensing through ArcGIS Online : Is this the future license model?

Question asked by MChilcott on Oct 9, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2015 by MChilcott

Hi Peoples,


With the pre-release version of ArcGIS Pro, it appears one has to connect to ArcGIS Online as a named user to authorise a license.


Is this license model the future plan for ArcGIS Pro?


If this is the plan, I can see a few problems.  For a start, it takes us about two hours before ArcGIS Pro finally makes this connection.  It is most likely due to our reverse proxies.  If or when we do connect (it also fails at times), we can check a license out, but this is not optimal.


While we generally have around 25 licenses on our FlexLM license manager active at a time, there are probably around 50 or 60 people that use it, many on a casual basis.  With named users on ArcGIS Online, this is going to cause us more administration and hassle factor.


Is this license model going to change the cost/license structure of an ELA?