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ArcGIS Server version 10.21 service publish error

Question asked by steveburdette on Oct 9, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2014 by sjones

I've created an enterprise database (Microsoft SQL Server 2012 - 11.0.5058.0 (X64)) in ArcGIS 10.21, registered it as a data store, and set up the database connection in ArcCatalog using a SQL Server login that is a dbowner of the database.  I've imported two shape files into the database using ArcCatalog, and created a map that references these two feature classes.  When I try to publish the map as a service including feature access, I'm getting the "[00090] Feature service requires a registered database" error from the Analyzer and am unable to publish the service.  I'm using the same database connection from ArcCatalog to reference the database in ArcCatalog and the map.


Does anyone have any ideas on why this error might be occurring?  When I double-click on the error message and the Data Stores dialog pops up, the database is listed and validates fine.



Steve Burdette