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Map To KMZ tool making UNUSABLE file sizes after service pack 5 (ArcView 10.0)

Question asked by JmeyerCPI on Oct 9, 2014

I created a database that plots all our jobs over the past 60 years in ArcView using spreadsheet exports and shapefiles. I then export it out as a KMZ file using the "Map To KMZ" tool for everyone in the office to use in Google Earth. This allows us to see all our projects and their pertinent data for each job when we need it. My problem is that I've maintained this for about 2 years now and never had any issues. The last KMZ file I exported was about 700kb in size and ran very fast and smooth. The other day I went to update the database with a couple hundred entries and the file size jumped from 700kbs to 90mbs. The database already consists of thousands of entries so what's a few hundred more. I've done nothing different other then installed service pack 5 after having some issues with the export tool not working and crashing before completing the task. I honestly don't know if the cause is the service pack or something I've done but I'm lost. The same routine has gone down each time. We update and export our project list to 4 separate tables and then open ArcView and export to KMZ. It all takes about 5 minutes. Now the file is so large it's unusable and I can't find a fix. Does anyone have any ideas?