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Composite Locator with alt name tables not running

Question asked by recurvata on Oct 9, 2014
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I'm trying to create a composite locator in ArcCatalog 10.2.2. It has 8 individual locators, 4 with an alternate name table, 4 without. We already have a working 10.1 version, but 10.2 is presumably faster and has a couple improvements we want to use, such as not confusing streets with states as their name as actual state namess (e.g., 'Montana' is the name of a street). We also have updated data to use.


I built it fine, all properties set the same as the 10.1 version. But it won't run the 4 locators with the alternate name table. When I look at the properties of those individual locators, everything looks good. Then I try a rebuild on them, and it says they need to be repaired. Okay, go to repair...


There I look at the Reference data tables section. In the field map (see attached):

  1. the primary table has FeatureID set to none, and OBJECTID isn't available in the drop down
  2. the alternate name tables JoinID is set to none, although it is available in the drop down
  3. the fields in the alternate name table appear twice


If I set any of the missing values and click Ok, ArcCatalog shuts down immediately with no messages. On re-opening it, no repairs have been made.


Other info:

  1. when running the composite, there are no error messages, it simply doesn't run the locators with the alternate name table. Doesn't matter whether the locators are in a separate folder or in the gdb, or on local machine or over the network
  2. the field used to join the tables is AltID. This is a long integer field added to the primary table that's a copy of OBJECTID, in case an operation such as copying changes the original OBJECTIDs. Have also tried using Double as the data type for this field, no difference.
  3. the alternate names table is then derived from the primary table, using different fields in the data for addresses (the original data has fields for primary, secondary and tertiary names, e.g. FEName, FEName2, FEName3, so FEName2 and FEName3 fields are loaded into either an alternate names gdb table or a stand-alone table)
  4. there are just under a million records to geocode.
  5. running Arc Advanced, Win 7 SP1 on a 32 bit machine with 4 gb ram


And now, to top it off, ArcCatalog shuts down with a '...has stopped working' error message whenever I try to create a new locator. This happened after a co-worker and I made some new locators, trying to change some things such as indexing AltID in the primary table. Can still create other new things, such as tables, fgdbs, etc.


Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.