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Make my first map zones colored

Question asked by raf0c10 on Oct 7, 2014
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Hello everyone,


I need to make a map of zones colored, I mean I need to identify the municipality of the states in my country.


For context, I have an excel file of municipalities of positive or negative test diseases.  For example I live in Mexico and in Mexico D.F. are negative of X disease I need to put that in like green color, and if its positive in red color. Am I making myself clear? Then a tool tip you can put the mouse over and tell you information like the name and the number of positive test that I have in the excel file.


I don't know if there are something from the api a tutorial where it identify the states and the municipality, then I can passed them the names of the "municipality" and mark them in some color... I can't find them !


How can I make that?


Please help


EDIT : Robert Scheitlin, GISP , you answered me a question in flex, do you have an idea how can I make what I'm asking? please