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How can I convert aritmetic degree to geographic?

Question asked by GIS_103500 on Oct 7, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2019 by EPolle_TensingInternational

The difference of the two has been explained in another post:


"A note for those not familiar with rotation options.  Geographic rotation establishes due north as angle 0 and degrees above 0 cause a clockwise rotation so that due east is 90, due south is 180 and due west is 270.  It's rules are designed to operate like a clock.  An Arithmetic rotation follows Cartesian graphing rules and is what mathematicians use.  It establishes the X axis in the positive direction (X = +, Y = 0) or due east in compass directions as 0 and degrees above 0 cause a counterclockwise rotation.  In an arithmetic system due north is 90 degrees (X = 0, Y = +), due west is 180 degrees (X = -, Y = 0), and due south is 270 degrees (X = 0, Y = -)."


The concept is clear to me... but how can I caculate one from the other? As I have aritmetic direction in my data, but I need them in geographic degree.


Thank you! Frauke