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Metadata title, resTitle and XPath

Question asked by fallingdog on Oct 3, 2014

I am a little confused about how to read the ArcGIS Metadata Details.xls document. I am trying to find the right XML entity for the title in the ArcGIS metadata format 10.0 +. This document is from the ArcGIS Metadata Toolkit 101SP1 found at:


ArcGIS Metadata Toolkit 10.1 SP1 | Samples and Utilities


I see the resTitle name in two places. The XPaths are:


/metadata/Esri/locales/locale/resTitle     row in ArcGIS Metadata Details.xls: 23

<citation elements>/resTitle     row in ArcGIS Metadata Details.xls: 160


I think that the one in line 23 would be for me to indicate a title in an alternate language Right? Because we are only supporting english I think that this can be ignored by me for now.


The one on line 160 looks like the one I need. However, there is no <citation elements> area of my metadata XML doc. A search shows that the resTitle entity is under:






               <resTitle Sync="True">my title</resTitle>



This is refleted in line 28 of the ArcGIS Metadata Details.xls doc:


/metadata/dataIdInfo/idCitation/<citation elements>


So my question is what is the meaning of the XPath? It dose not seem to be the XML path unless one concatenates the all the values of the <citation elements> with the /metadata/dataIdInfo/idCitation/ in a iterative way, e.g. /metadata/dataIdInfo/idCitation/resTitle, /metadata/dataIdInfo/idCitation/date/createDate, etc.


Does this sound about right?