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Unable to access web app once deployed

Question asked by granth on Oct 3, 2014

Using the 2.0 Beta of the ArcGIS Web App Builder


I created an application on my local machine using an ArcGIS Online web map and I can view this using the Launch button in the web builder.

Then I download the application and deploy it on my local server, as per the documentation. Register the application with ArcGIS Online and share with my organization. Using the instructions I replace the appId in the config file with the newly registered appId.


I can sometimes load the map from my local server, but the widgets fail to load. If I check the traffic I can see that launching the app from the builder uses /webappbuilder/apps/..., launching it from my site it uses /appbuilder/TestPCARViewer/.. which is the folder that I have it in. Except that some of the widget config files are still looking for the webappbuilder url.




then a little later:



And I cannot see my layer list.


IE 11 and Chrome both exhibit the same behaviour.


Unsure where to start debugging this, any suggestions?