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low visual quality of 3D scene

Question asked by henkkramer on Oct 3, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2014 by jeremy_wright-esristaff

I have a DSM with a pixelsize of 0.02 meter that was created from images captured by a UARSF and an orthophoto that was created from this DSM and RGB images captured during the same flight.


When I view this data in ArcScene I get a detailed 3D view of the potato field that clearly shows the height differences within the field, the bare ridges on the right, the tracks through the potato field on also the individual potato plants. (see Potatos3D_ArcScene.png)


When I view the same data in ArcGIS Pro (prerelease), most of the 3Ddetails are not visible, the tracks through the field on the left are there, but the individual potato plants are not visible anymore. The same applies to the bare ridges on the right, the 3D pattern is gone but there seems to be a random 3D pattern that has no relation with the DSM. (see Potatos3D_ArcGISPro.png)

Also the 3D patterns change when navigating the scene, potato plants pop-up and dissappear at random.


The scene was created using the LocalScene template, I've added the dsm file as an elevation surface to the world and selected thes surface as the source for the orthoimage.


Are there any settings that I can apply to improve the visual quality of the 3D scene and get a correct rendering of the DSM?