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Enabling Traffic in Network Analyst VRP

Question asked by Maksim.I.Mazor on Oct 3, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2014 by Maksim.I.Mazor

I'm having some issues to where the historic traffic data associated with the Routing_ND from StreetMap14.1 doesn't seem to be enabled.


Following the help section, I've checked to make sure my TravelTime (minutes) field has traffic enabled, which it does. I use the TravelTime (minutes) field as my Time Attribute, then set my specific day in Analysis Settings.


I'm routing a group of orders and setting their Start/End times between 3-7pm, and get the correct resulting routes.


To see if the historic traffic is being used, I changed my orders to 3-7am, and the associated Depot/Route times. My thinking was that the route times would be different taking into account the traffic density for those hours.


I'm still getting the same exact route times/distance traveled values, so I don't think traffic is being used, or is enabled.


Please Help