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SHC_DataSpider - A Data Inventory & MetaGeodatabase Creation Tool

Question asked by KlamathDaryl on Oct 2, 2014

Hi All-


I put this tool together for FWS use  - we are looking to increase transparency and value on US-FWS investments - so, here you go.


The SHC_DataSpider is a python script that inventories GIS data directories (or whole drives) and produces a geodatabase of indices and metatata.  For instance, it creates a FC of extent rectangles for all data, and builds attribute tables depending on the data flavor.


The script is currently posted on GitHub - I am revising it for multi-core, and better crash prevention (the ESRI Python bindings tank when encountering corrupt/broken data sets, but it is a very cool project, IMO.  Share and enjoy!


GeospatialDaryl/KSHC_DataSpider · GitHub