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HTTPS and applyEdits

Question asked by koder303 on Oct 1, 2014
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I recently implemented HTTPS on my whole site and converted my ArcGIS Server to HTTPS Only. Having solved a few problems, I am now able to see my secured services on my map. My secured services include dynamic services and feature services which I use for map tips.


A new problem I found however is using the applyEdits function on a feature layer. When I am in IE 9 and try to use applyEdits it says Access Is Denied even though the exact same approach worked for non-HTTPS.


If my url was I was able to use applyEdits

Now that my url is my applyEdits throws an Access Is Denied error.


I should note that I create a new feature layer on the fly which I use for applyEdits but I do wait for its on('load') event to fire before I do anything with it.


I modified the proxy and I said before, I am able to get the feature layers when they are initially being loaded for map tips functionality. I inspected my call to the server when I run applyEdits and I see that is going through a proxy.


Any suggestions or ideas on the new issue?


Thank you.