ERROR - Could not restart transport because layer info is not available

Discussion created by katiekat466 on Oct 1, 2014

We use GeoEvent Processor to feed in weather information from AccuWeather REST services.  Today I noticed several of the weather service layers had changed names.  GeoEvent Processor did not like this one bit.  I hope this will help anyone stuck with the same issue.




Here are the steps we took to solve this issue:


1) Remove GeoFences within the AccuWeather Category

2) Remove GeoFence Synchronization entirely

3) Recreate GeoFence Synchronization

4) Update the Service Name and Layer Information in any existing Input connectors

5) Check the Services consuming these Inputs, update any components referencing the re-named layer and re-save

6) Re-publish the Service


This should resume the Input connector(s) and GeoEvent Service(s) back to normal.