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Question asked by warice.berwyn on Oct 1, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2014 by warice.berwyn

Stand License, Arcgis Online (free account), Arcgis 10.1

I have an .xml doc in arcmap with Businesses (pt ft class), 2 different buffers (polygon ft class). I wanted to upload them to AGOL . I made a map package and saved it as a file instead of uploading it to AGOL because it would always stop responding until it completely exitted out of ArcMap. I want to upload the 3 features ArcGis Online and overlay it onto a basemap. It would be great if I can keep the Symbology and Attributes of the pt. ft. class.


Also a note, the point feature class is 1,600 points so when I tried before, it said that I have a limit of 1,000.


I would like to somehow overlaying this onto a basemap and hopefully keeping the symbology in the pt feature classs and have the buffers attached in the same doc. the attributes on the buffer are not important.


Is there a way I can accomplish all/some of my goals?