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How to query for ESRI basemaps?

Question asked by tjohnsto on Oct 1, 2014

I have "shared" the ESRI basemaps with a private group which contains other basemaps from my organization, yet I can only see my basemaps when I query the group from javascript.  If I click on the group in ArcGIS Online then I see the ESRI basemaps and my private basemaps.  However, if I perform a javascript query against my private group using the group ID then I only get our basemaps and not the ESRI basemaps.   As a test, I want to see if I could return only esri basemaps with this query: q: "title: \"ArcGIS Online Basemaps\" AND owner:esri" but no results are returned.  How can I return the results of our non-public basemaps and esri basemaps together in one query?