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How to address server issues when locally saved rasters are not cleared

Question asked by MikeEber on Sep 30, 2014

I've been spending two days trouble shooting an issue where a Geoprocessing Server, that has worked regularly for the past week, had stopped working.  It failed in a call to ESRI with ESRI returning the wonderful error message:  "Fail"


We began running connection and debugging tests and during one of these issues it reported that the raster could not be created because C:\Program Files\ArcGis\Server\framework\runtime\jre\bin\...


When I went to the server we had several versions of these files, folders, some XML files, and shape files in this directory.  I shut down the service, cleaned out all of these files, and then restarted the server service.  Once it was cleaned out I got everything running once again.


These services are critical to government activities and we cannot have our services killed because ESRI chose to write local files and not clean up the mess.  So what can we do to make certain this scenario does not happen in a live environment?