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How to identify uphill and downhill segments of a road centreline?

Question asked by jahood on Sep 30, 2014
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I need to identify the sloped areas of streets within our street centre lines feature class. 

Street segments are split at intersections.

Using the  Add Surface Information (3D Analyst) tool, I am able to add the min max and avg slope of a segment. 
However, some segments have both up and down hill portions.  Some have flat portions and then down hill portions. So using the above tool is mis-leading.
What might be best is to identify breakpoints where a sloped portion starts or stops.  I can then use these breakpoints to split the line segments and then obtain slopes only for those areas. 


Please see the 2 attached images.  They depict  typical segments that have downhill and uphill sections of the same segment. 


I am having difficulty visualizing this process.  Can anybody help guide me in the correct direction or offer advice on how to obtain the slopes as outlined above?