Query language for more than one type of value from one attribute

Discussion created by DanBear on Sep 29, 2014
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Yes this is almost equal to ArcGIS101 or Beginning SQL but I want to think ArcGIS does this better than Geomedia.   I will ultimately have to do the same in Geomedia but it is even harder to figure out how to do it in one step there so I just want to start simple.  If any of you know Geomedia and what query I'd  need to do there it would be mega-appreciated.


I have a roads layer that intersects polygons.  The polygons have two attributes with more than one type of value that designate the ID Num berfor the polygon and the type of polygon it is (Rural or Urban).   All I want to do is select all of the roads that have BOTH types of values, as in:



Field1 = "xxxxx" and Field2 = "yyyyy"


How hard does it have to be to select two different types of values in relation to another?


I was trying to select by a string of characters identifying the County and the Jurisdiction Name but not the road specifically, and then the two fields with the combination of values.  Maybe it was because I didn't end the string of characters right? 


I've attached 2 jpgs of the data set and the query I was using which I ultimately had to give up on.   When I did try to do this in Geomedia, I had to create two shapefiles (equivalent of), one of which was the set of roads that touched the boundary of the polygon and another set of all the roads that touched that set as well, and then I joined them together.   I'd like to think I wouldn't have to do this.


Thanks for understanding.


Dan B