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Orphaned Replica Versions in 10.2.2

Question asked by MLF on Sep 30, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2017 by TMorgan-esristaff

There is a Knowledge Base article about this, but it is insufficient for versions after the SDE table restructuring.  Link


Goal: discover replica versions whose replicas have been unregistered, leaving the versions orphaned.

Method: query the versions (sde.SDE_versions) and the replicas (sde.gdb_items)--those versions with unassociated replicas are orphans.


I can find a relationship between replicas and their versions; the item ObjectID is part of the version name, as shown below.


sde.gdb_items: ObjectID = 43923

sde.SDE_versions: Name = SYNC_SEND_43923_16


But I cannot find where this same number '43923' exists on its own such that I am able to join the versions to the replicas to discover orphaned replica versions.  You can't join '43923' to 'SYNC_SEND_43923_16' and the alternative is a tedious series of LIKE/IN statements, and there must be a way the db itself correlates them.


Any ideas?


Here is the SQL I use to find replicas:


  where type IN('5B966567-FB87-4DDE-938B-B4B37423539D',