TabbedFeatureInspector Example: How to dock IObjectInspector into a Picture box?

Discussion created by syamarth on Aug 24, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2013 by rosewl
Hi All,
I've reproduced the TabbedFeatureInspector example just to see how custom inspector will work.
But I've observed that after setting parent for (new IobjectInspector) m_inspector to tabpage1[standard tabpage].Picturebox, it wont be filled through tabpage1, just it is filled into tabpage as the m_Inspector's original dimensions are, but it seems odd when you resize the actual AttributeEditor.
I want to see the whole first standard tabpage filled with filed properties.
Is there anyway to set m_Inspector to be filled into standard tabpage after setting its parent to standardtabpage? or can I set the default size of the new IobjectInspector( )?

Public int IobjectInspector_HWND
                   return this.Handle.ToInt32( ); // usercontrol's handle on which Tabcontrol is

Public void IobjectInspector_ Inspect(IEnumRow objects, IEditor Editor)
       SetParent(m_Inspector.HWND, standtabpage.Handle.ToInt32());
       ShowWindow(m_Iinspector.HWND, 5);
       m_Inspector.Inspect(objects, Editor);

Thanks in advance!