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use a arcgis server service than a webmap id

Question asked by parthasg on Sep 28, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2015 by adamcarto

Hello All


I downloaded a ESRI ajavascript template from github... and I want to add a arcgis server web service instead of the webmap id


when I see the index.html file i see the code as : I need to skip the webmap and use my REST web service instead..


var  defaults = {

        //The ID for the map from

       webmap: "f5b13dbed07c46cdb783cf361833aa6b",  I WANT TO ADD my Service

        //Modify this to point to your sharing service URL if you are using the portal

        sharingurl: "",//for example: "",

        //The id for the web mapping application item that contains configuration info - in most

        ////When editing you need to specify a proxyurl (see below) if the service is on a different domain

        //Specify a proxy url if you will be editing, using the elevation profile or have secure services or web maps that are not shared with everyone.

        proxyurl: "",

        //cases this will be null.

        appid: "",

        //set to true to display the title

        displaytitle: true,

        //Enter a title, if


Can some one help me out in this