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Hi first time here - query on  field calculator

Question asked by DaveDurkin on Sep 28, 2014
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Hi - very new to this so apologies for its simplicity.

Arc Desktop v10.2



I'm trying to complete a table field based on (part of) the contents of another field from the same table. I've tried VB and Python.


I'm trying to get the contents of a field called 'Geology1' filled as a text string "CLAY, SILT, SAND AND GRAVEL" if another field called RCS-X has a text string "C+S+V+Z".  For example.


I have tried the field calculator (calculate field) with various forms of the attached.


If [RCS_X] = "C+S+V+Z"  Then Output = "CLAY, SILT, SAND AND GRAVEL" End If


I always get syntax errors.


A student with about 10,000 rows of data to process so any help appreciated