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File geodatabases - problem adding a feature class with same name as a past (deleted) feature class

Question asked by sdrew1 on Sep 26, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2014 by hemant6021

Hello, any file geodatabase wizards out there willing to kindly help? I've got a (very large sized) File Geodatabase in which I've deleted a Feature Class and I'm now wanting to add an updated version of that Feature Class. Now, and I think this is crucial, I'm wanting to use the same name. Does anyone know any reason(s) why it won't let me and says that the old/deleted Feature Class still exists?



# I'm working in Arc 9.3 if relevant;

# I've tried switching the computer on/off;

# there are no 'locks' that I can see in Windows Explorer; and

# the old/deleted Feature Class doesn't appear to exist anywhere, such as via ArcCatalog, 'Add Data', or in house software.


Thanks for any help,