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Confused: Creating an Offline Map

Question asked by benha111 on Sep 25, 2014

Hi, folks.


Very new to all of this, so forgive the stupid question, but I've been banging on this problem for a while and can't figure it out:


I'm trying to create a simple iOS application that displays my current position on top of an annotated map.  The users will likely not have network access when using this application, so I need an offline file of the map.


The basemap I'd like to use is the World Oceans one, and I just need a small piece of it.  The map never needs to change, so my goal is to bundle the basemap with the App when distributed.

I don't have ArcGIS desktop/server/etc so I'm trying to figure out how to do this without that tool.


After reading this page (Take maps offline—Help | ArcGIS  )I first tried using the ArcGIS online tool to create a map that I could share/export, but I could never get the "enable offline" option described there to appear.  After that I started looking at the options for doing this in code, but after messing with the sample a bit I can't figure out how to get the credentials to work correctly.  I figure there must be a better way.


Basically, I just want a TPK file that contains tiles of the coastal areas of California, starting at an LOD that allows me to fill the screen with the whole state, and then all the zoom LODs below that.  Can anyone point me in the right direction to do this with as little fuss as possible?


Thanks a TON.