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Filled contours grid legend  class values doesn't show up all class in the map

Question asked by ttamba on Sep 25, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2014 by ttamba

Hi all,


I made a interpolation of contaminated soil data using ordinary kriging but the result of the grid prediction does not match the values displayed by the legend from the minimum value 0.023 to the maximum value 0.99 %. This values represent the measured variable (ratio of the volumes of area of contaminated soil).
For cons, I noticed that the values showned in the legend correspond to the measured values for the interpolation grid generated from the ordinary kriging, not the predicted values. I think the outline grid should reflect the predicted values?
If this is not the case, why the last two classes of the legend (measured values do not appear on the map).


However, when I convert the grid contour to raster map all the values of the map legend are represesented with the corresponding predicted values with a little difference from the last classe of the data range values. The max predicted  values from the cross validation indicated a value less high than the one showned in the raster legend. Why?


See attached files of two maps below

Thank you to enlighten me on these issues.