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setDefinitionExpression and LIKE operator and wildcard % issues

Question asked by jonssong on Sep 24, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2014 by jonssong

I am using the setDefinitionExpression on some of my FeatureLayers. This works fine in most cases but I believe there might be a bug in the API when it comes to the LIKE operator and the % wildcard.


When using expressions such as;

myField LIKE '%Ca%' 

I get no results even though "myField"  has several records including the word "Catchment"


however I always get correct results when just using a single character between the % wildcards, such as

myField LIKE '%C%' 


myField LIKE '%a%' 


interestingly, it does sometimes work as expected with multiple characters (depends on the character combination), e.g.

myField LIKE '%tr%' 

works fine and returns the correct features


I suspect this may be a bug in the API since the getDefinitionExpression always returns the expression exactly as I stated it.


In essence, it appears to be a parsing issue with %xx in the definition expressions.


I'm on version 3.10 now and I am pretty sure this was not an issue in 3.8.


Anyone else had this issue?