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Registering x64 unmanaged/C++ .dll

Question asked by metavr on Sep 24, 2014

I'm developing an ArcObjects extension that was recently ported to 64-bit. I'd need to take advantage of 64-bit geoprocessing, however I can't figure out how to properly register the .dll. ESRIRegAsm.exe doesn't seem to work with x64 .dll's


I found this knowledge base article, but it only refers to managed code (AnyCPU config). I need the instructions for an unmanaged .dll using x64 config.


40735 - Register function tools (DLL) for both Desktop and 64-bit Background Processing


There's also this reference in the ArcGIS help, but once again, it doesn't explain how to register unmanaged .dll. "For tool developers working with unmanaged code, C++, for example, you will need to build both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of your tool, then ship and register both for proper use." So, the question is, how??


ArcGIS Help 10.1


Thanks for any leads.