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Default processing order of features by Geoprocessing tools

Question asked by xyknewtry on Sep 23, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2014 by xyknewtry

I have done search but couldn't find any ESRI documentation on this. Hopefully someone can point me to something?


Say you have two features in a feature class on which you run a geoprocessing tool. How does the tool determine which feature it processes first? Is it based on the ObjectID field sorting?


If you add the feature class to ArcMap, and sort the features in a way so the display in the attribute table is no longer consistent with ObjectID sorting. Then you run the Geoprocessing on the feature class within ArcMap. Will the Geoprocessing tool respect the order of the sorting, or still stick with ObjectID?


I assume the behavior is no different when you run geoprocessing tools in an .NET add-in geoprocessor?