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Calculate Geometry: Returning Same Value For All Attributes

Question asked by MMichalek@TriMedia on Sep 23, 2014
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I am trying to convert northing/easting coordinates from Michigan Geo-Ref (m) to Michigan State Plane International (ft). I followed a helpful guide (below), which helped me do this conversion.


Lat Long to Northing Easting


After switching projections in ArcCat. it was time to calculate geometry for my northing and easting fields. So as the guide said I followed these instructions.


In the Calculate Geometry dialog select these options:

a.  Property:  X Coordinate of Point

b.  Coordinate System:  Use coordinate system of the data frame (in which will be listed your Michigan North system)

c.  Units:  meters (IN MY CASE FT)

Then click OK.


After doing so all of my attributes switched to the same value (i.e., northings of 20587707.37 and eastings of 26246789.6853).


What am I doing wrong here? Is there a way that I can run this differently to produce different values?


Thanks for your help,