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Usage of      com.esri.core.symbol.SymbolAlignment

Question asked by pcpyip on Sep 22, 2014

In the API document of ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android, there have a class




see the description of this class, it seem it is the setting the behavior of symbol when map rotated in the device screen. However, i cannot find any place where we can set the symbol alignment. So where can we use this alignment setting ?


Furthermore, i would like to add the GraphicsLayer to show the camera icon which have arrow head as PictureMarkerSymbol which show the orientation of photo capture at certain location. So that the camera icon will always point to the certain bearing in the map, but now the camera icon always point to single direction on the device screen when the user rotate the map using pinch.


I am using MarkerSymbol.setAngle for setting angle of camera icon. Is there any other way to achieve the above behavior for icon rotate with map ? And it seems that SymbolAlignment can achieve the above behavior, and where can i use it.


Thanks very much for the help