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Cogo'ing Record of Survey data

Question asked by kltrooper on Sep 23, 2014
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I'm attempting to cogo a single line, with an ArcMap 10 advanced license, using the bearing and distance gained from a record of survey map. I realize the need to adjust for the Basis of Bearing listed on the map. I've attempted to enter the basis of bearing into the "rotation" box of the general tab of the data frame properties prior to Cogo'ing the bearing of the line into the arcmap session. The line still does not plot correctly. Can anyone give me a clue of how to adjust for basis of bearing, using arcmap tools. I'd really rather not attempt this in parcel editor(I realize there is a basis of bearing entry in PE); I'd just like to create a stand alone, simple 4-sided parcel, as depicted on a RoS map and have the lines correct spatially.  I have gps'd the corners and can use these point plots as test controls to verify I'm effectively adjusting for basis of bearing  I have screen captures available if someone is interested in tackling this problem.