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Show Related Records in ArcGIS Online Popup

Question asked by matthysj on Sep 22, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2016 by jyh


I have a 1 to M relationship class between a feature class and table.  I have published the feature class and related table to our organizations ArcServer and have created a web map using the map service.  I have configured the popup and it will show counts of the related records.  I have also added a chart of the related records in the popup.  My issue is with the 'Show Relate Records' link in the popup.  When clicking on the link, it shows the related table (with all rows, not just those related to the selected feature) in the split window below the map.  Ideally I would like the related table to be automatically filtered to show only those related rows that are associated with the feature that has been selected for the popup.  Is there anyway to link the map and the related table, so that selections in the map filter the related table?


- Jake