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Dissolve tool misses out two polygons

Question asked by pulecz on Sep 20, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2014 by pulecz

I'm trying to dissolve polygons based on a code number in the attribute table.


It all works well, with an exception of two polygons that fail to dissolve - they literally drop out from the output. It affects always the same two polygons. ArcMap does not give me any error message or anything.


I have tried messing with the source dbf file to see whether there are perhaps some funky characters in the code field, but it seems to be fine. The code is really just a simple number (12 and 707 specifically).


The only thing that seems to have perhaps some relevance is that both of those missing polygons happen to be parts of large cities, therefore they consist of higher number of small polygons to be dissolved (but still nothing that ArcMap could not handle). Other than that I have really zero clue what could be wrong...


Any hint, tip or idea would be much appreciated! Thanks!


I'm using ArcMap 9.3.