More admin tools needed for ArcGIS Online

Discussion created by Rizbee on Sep 19, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2015 by GISGPSMan

It would help to be able to see which groups users are members of and to be able to see usage by groups. 


I am managing an org account at a university.  Students receive accounts when they enroll in a class where the faculty member uses ArcGIS Online.  Students are assigned to a "class group" so that faculty can share data and maps to the class through the group.  When I see spikes in credit usage I would like to be able to see if it is related to membership in a group - perhaps a faculty member has given an assignment that is very credit-intensive.


When we create accounts we have very few tools to help us know who the account user is after the account is created.  ArcGIS Online gives admins no way to communicate with users - there is no messaging tool and you cannot see the user's email address.  It would be helpful if there were some user database fields that would allow admins to populate information about users in addition to their first name, last name and account name.