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AGOL Browser Compatibility

Question asked by jrflannery on Sep 22, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2014 by jrflannery

With which browser have you found the least number of issues when working in ArcGIS Online for Organizations?  Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox?


We have found IE 10 & 11 to be flakey.  Difficulties with adding secure services to the ‘My Content’ area; initial login fails then works at the second or third attempt; line features with two end vertices in the editing environment, and more.  Browser history/cache has been cleared with no change in behavior.  With Chrome (latest version), these issues do not exist or rarely appear.


We are also using SAML with ADFS for enterprise login to AGOL.  When we enable enterprise Single Sign-On, Chrome does not recognize SSO and AGOL can, therefore, not be accessed via a Chrome browser.  IE and Firefox (latest version) do recognize and work with SSO enabled.


So, we would like to use IE as our enterprise browser to access AGOL, but it behaves poorly and unpredictably.  The Chrome browser behaves better, but does not work when our enterprise Single Sign-On is enabled.  We have little experience with Firefox, but it appears to behave well and respects SSO.


Do you have any AGOL browser user experiences that you would like to share?