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Elimininating the sde command line tools in 10.3 is a terrible idea.

Question asked by ralphdell on Sep 19, 2014
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I want to comment on the answer to the  question "What is status of replacing the ArcSDE command line tools?" in the UC Q & A document. Eliminating the sde command line tools in 10.3 is a terrible idea. Many administrative tasks that I have to perform are in scheduled tasks and take place in the middle of the night or other times when I am not at work. I use the sde command line tools for some of those tasks. I do not object to the creation of GUI's. Gui's are useless if I am not sitting at my desk or if a task needs to be performed at odd hours.I realize that I could script the GP tools, and I often do that. Python is not always my preferred choice for performing administrative tasks and going strictly to a GP tool makes working outside of python difficult. Users may be asking for GUI interfaces. Are they really asking for the elimination of command line tools. I would like a responce from ESRI. Ralph Dell, Catawba County NC,