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Editing the edit web app template

Question asked by gardneb3 on Sep 19, 2014
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I downloaded the Esri's Edit web app template for use in AGOL and I'm trying to adjust the height of the table of contents or section of the window that shows the editable features, which originally appears on the left side of the screen. Here is what is looks like now:  If you can't access that then see the image at the bottom, I've circled the area of interest.


Below is a snippet from the index.html file. It shows the width parameter as "240px" by default: setPanelContent(content_title , content , "240px")


But where would the height be? Maybe I'm looking in the wrong location. How is the height determined?


var content = domConstruct.create("div",{id:"editorDiv"});

                //create the Legend or Editor

                var editableLayers = this.appcontent.getEditableLayers(response.itemInfo.itemData.operationalLayers,;


                //edit permissions

                var editable = true;

                var content_title = this.options.i18n.viewer.content_title;


                    if(array.indexOf(this.options.userPrivileges, "features:user:edit") === -1){

                        editable = false;

                        //change the title to legend

                        content_title = content_title = this.options.i18n.viewer.legend_title;


                } else if(editableLayers.length === 0){

                //change the title to legend

                    content_title = content_title = this.options.i18n.viewer.legend_title;


                this.appcontent.setPanelContent(content_title , content , "240px").then(lang.hitch(this,  function(){








*Snippet from the CreateContent.js file for more context:


setPanelContent: function( title, content, width){
               var deferred = new Deferred();
                   dom.byId("displayButton").innerHTML = title;
         , this.leftPanel);
                  this.leftPanel.set("content" , content);
                  this.leftPanel.set("style", {width: width});
                 return deferred.promise;



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