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Geometry cannot have Z values

Question asked by lyap8408 on Sep 18, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 31, 2015 by NManocha-esristaff

I am having trouble using GPK with ArcGIS Runtime for WPF shared with only a single tool:


Interpolate Shape.

Input: Polyline (FeatureSet, at creation, I had checked Coordinate have Z value).


When executing, it returns

Failed to execute (Interpolate Shape)

Geometry cannot have Z values.


What else am I missing? Thanks in advance!



I had changed the values of Z (since it was an NaN) and M to a value of 0. Now I am getting the error:
"Coordinate or measure value out of bounds".




I had set the value of Z programmatically at runtime

ie: _geometry.Z = 0;


Println at runtime shows the value of Z=0.


However, the http get request received at fiddler gave me Z=null. Does anyone  have any clue?