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ArcGIS Server Database Connections Suggestion

Question asked by on Sep 18, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2014 by deleted-user-AYsXjhkrwuAA

Just a thought that I wanted to float out on geonet that might be a potential future release of GIS Server, we have been running into issues quite frequently where as we create more and more services in GIS Server and those services connect to geodatabases like an ArcSDE database of some kind that having a cluster of GIS servers running many different types of services all connecting to the same database in many cases takes up a lot of active DB connections. It would be very nice if there was some way as a part of the register step during publishing the service that this actually created a connection pool that could be leveraged by any and all map services running on that cluster, and you could define parameters on the connection pool for the min and max size, etc of those database connections. This might really help cut down the overhead that creating so many active connections per each service creates, especially when you are running a GIS Server with many services in a clustered environment.