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Enterprise geodatabase states will not compress.

Question asked by clm42 on Sep 18, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2014 by clm42


0sde2010-03-29 14:59:50.0002010-03-29 14:59:50.00000
118506"BAY\KMCDONALD"2013-12-03 15:42:41.0302013-12-03 15:43:32.8830118229
118621"BAY\DCOLE"2013-12-13 10:43:42.2002013-12-13 10:43:44.273118506118229
118869"BAY\JDOMICO"2014-01-02 07:57:54.9672014-01-02 07:57:55.583118621118229
119777"BAY\JDOMICO"2014-01-28 09:25:56.3502014-01-28 09:26:03.150118869119772
163687SDE2014-06-12 10:06:57.2432014-06-12 10:10:43.783119777163687
163705"BAY\GISINTERN"2014-06-12 10:19:07.5232014-06-12 10:19:07.593163687163687
169619"BAY\CMATHERS"2014-07-01 08:00:01.8732014-07-01 08:00:10.057163705169546
185464"BAY\DCOLE"2014-08-21 15:48:49.3202014-08-21 15:52:17.930169619185415
187638"BAY\DCOLE"2014-08-27 16:00:03.0602014-08-27 16:00:06.247185464187554


"BAY\JDOMICO"2014-09-17 15:52:26.2102014-09-17 15:52:35.060187638191826

This table is the sde.sde.SDE_states in our production database. For some reason we cannot seem to compress away those states. Ive kicked everyone off the database including myself so that all state locks will be released and then compress but they just wont go away! We compress nightly and always drop back to these same states. Its a 10.1 EGDB on SQL Server 2008R2 without the SDE application server. Is there anything I can do from SSMS instead of Catalog to solve this?