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Split raster tool doesn't work with Mosaics (black output)

Question asked by timmo1982 on Sep 17, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2014 by hlzhang525

Here's my problem: I need to automate conversion/extraction of aerial imagery held in a raster mosaic to tiff tiles of a reduced/fixed resolution and based on a polygon tile system.

  • Extract by mask works but is very slow (~20 minutes per tile), even for a small area at a heavily reduced resolution
  • Split Raster is fast and has the functionality but exports black tiles (i.e. doesn't work)
  • I could possibly make something in python to use the exportToTiff method of dataframe but then it becomes hard to get consistent tile sizes.


I've tried my same code using Split Raster but with a pre-exported tiff tile and it works fine, it just doesn't seem to work when the source imagery is in a mosaic.....can anyone confirm that, in fact, using the split raster tool doesn't work with mosaics?


Is this a known bug/limitation? Any other ideas for achieving my outcome?

Thanks in advance