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Organization Questions - Multiple Delete?  Forced PW Change?

Question asked by Rigwald on Sep 17, 2014
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I am a teacher and use ArcGIS Online with my students.  We just got an organizational portal set up for our school and I am the administrator, but have no official training.  I have our students' school usernames and passwords that they use for logging in to their school accounts.  I am planning on taking that spreadsheet and importing that into the new portal, so their usernames and passwords will continue to be universal between all their school and ArcGIS accounts.  Will they be forced to change their password upon logging in?  I set up a dummy user account to see things from their side and it asked to me choose a new password, but I didn't know if that would happen to everyone.  (If so, I need to put in a dummy password for them before uploading their account info.)


The second question relates to user accounts.  Students will use the account for one year.  Since our organizational setup is limited to 500 and we have 300 students, I will need to delete all the student accounts before next year's students can be imported.  Is there a more streamlined method of deleted organizational users than having to do it one user at a time?


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!