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How to Creat a Good Clean Dbase

Question asked by EverBalboa on Sep 17, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2014 by tkowal

Good morning, I am new to Dbase Development.


I have a table with Oil/Gas Operators and every the facilities that they operate.  I wanted to create a Master Table with All contact information.  Then I wanted to create Tables for Chemicals that they use.  Everyone uses diffrent chemicals at different locations.  Sometimes they use multiple chemicals in a single facility.

Ideal Situation

One Table that with Link to Chemical TableI(s) up to 31 different chemicals.  Again all of them different.


Obstacles.  I have the master file and created 31 table each will capture chemicals, but it is only working with one record.  When I go to Records 2 and click on the Chemical table it wants to replace the existing data.  How can I get it to where master file has two records and the chemical tables to follow each record from the master file.  I am doing this in Acces which eventually will make a connection to ArcGIS.


Thank You