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Plotter Printing

Question asked by koder303 on Sep 16, 2014
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I am trying to print to a plotter from my JS application. I am am using JS API 3.10 and the esri print widget. If I am working with smaller page sizes, (8.5X11 and 11X17) at 200 DPI, things look good and I am able to print with no issues.


When I bump the sizes up to 36'X48' I am unable to print either in 200 DPI or 75 DPI. The print is using the PrintingTools provided by ESRI (10.2) with no modifications. The error message I get using my on('error') callback is


InternalServerError,message: The operation has timed out


My initial suspicion was the service was timing out so I increased the timeouts in the PrintingTools service to 1800 seconds for client use.

My next suspicion, since I am using IE9, was the proxy. However I tried FireFox but it also does not work.

After that, I thought it may be the esri.config so I set = 600000;


When I do execute my print service, from on('print-start') to on('error') it takes about 100 seconds every time I do it and then I get the timeout message.


Has anyone experienced this issue before? Any help is greatly appreciated.