Using CORS Instead of Proxy Page to Query Services

Discussion created by sxweagle-co-nz-esridist Employee on Sep 16, 2014

I've written some code in JavaScript to query the ArcGIS REST Admin API to query a lit of services on a different domain to where the application is hosted.


Basically the app will make a rest to a URL like this - http://SERVER:6080/arcgis/rest/services?token=IHFgoom_rq5DJ9lU5sXi2AWKRAuTsBMi8lhlYhdPjJI.


To get a list of services. The above works fine when I enable CORS like this beforehand:

  = false;"SERVER:6080");


But as soon as I change the url to the REST Admin API instead of the REST services directory i.e. http://SERVER:6080/arcgis/admin/services?token=IHFgoom_rq5DJ9lU5sXi2AWKRAuTsBMi8lhlYhdPjJI. it doesn't work and I get this: is not set.


Even though I've got CORS setup, so does anyone know why the ArcGIS REST services directory is different to the admin API directory when using CORS?